An experienced founding team with a history of creating and operating cutting-edge technical security solutions. 

Benjamin Baumgartner

Ben invented and co-founded IDVector. He drove technical direction, product development, and business strategy, and brought a unique blend of operational acumen, mission focus, and technical expertise to the personal privacy and security domain. 

Ben holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the U.S. Air Force Academy and a master's degree in Computer Science from James Madison University and has spent his career focused on INFOSEC issues and technologies.

Andrew Boyce

Andrew co-invented and co-foundered IDVector. He brought an eclectic mix of experience ranging from academic and research, to mission focused IT leadership, for private, public, and government organizations. Andrew is a driven advocate for improving consumer access to privacy and security technologies.

Andrew holds a bachelor's degree in Letters, Arts, and Sciences with a focus on Technology and Public Policy from Penn State University.