Privacy and Anonymity

The registration process is required in order to associate a given IDVector client with a payment mechanism for access. You can pay for the service with a credit card, prepaid debit card, or bitcoin. Payment transactions are handled via Stripe©. If you use proper trade-craft, we have no way of associating your identity with a given IDVector client. 

Buying the IDVector PRO client is done through one of our resellers who do not provide to us any personally identifying information about the buyers. In addition, the PRO client supports an option to "zeroize" which resets all data on the device and regenerates the device's unique identifier.

When a device is zeroized, we have no way of correlating the device with any previously generated traffic or IDVector account; it appears to be a new device. Finally, since you can buy service with anonymous payment methods (bitcoin, prepaid credit card), you have full control over your anonymity online.

The IDVector device chooses a random Media Access Control (MAC) address with each use, preventing the wireless access points you connect through from tracking your real MAC. Each time your IDVector client connects to the IDVector network, you have the option to specify a new dynamic path. IDVector logs data volume and compute metrics only and never logs IP information about a particular IDVector client device.  

How anonymous you are online depends entirely on you. You can buy an IDVector client anonymously. We have designed IDVector to ensure we have no idea who owns or is operating an IDVector client when it is connected to the an IDVector Network Path. If you follow best practices for operating online using an assumed persona which has no connection to your real identity, then the likelihood that someone can identify you while you are using IDVector in your assumed persona is exceedingly small. 

When you use IDVector to connect to the Internet all your traffic is encrypted between your IDVector client and your end-point. This prevents anyone from inspecting the contents of your WiFi traffic or inserting their own tracking cookies into your communications.  All encryption keys are securely transmitted from your client to only the end-points of your communications, and are never recorded or reused. When your IDVector network connection is closed your encryption keys are destroyed and cannot be recovered. 

You are implicitly trusting us when you purchase our device and plug it into your computer. We value your trust and will do everything in our power to ensure that trust is not violated. The results of independent third-party testing of IDVector PRO will be available on request. If at any time we become aware of a vulnerability in any part of the IDVector system, we will alert you immediately.

Some additional thoughts to consider:

1. Early indications are that the flaw noted in the BadUSB paper can be overcome through software and hardware solutions. 

2. We have designed the entire IDVector system to be as failsafe as possible in the direction of Anonymity and Security. 

3. If your adversary can surreptitiously mount a physical attack on your IDVector PRO client, you probably have bigger things to worry about beyond BadUSB.

IDVector vs Others

The IDVector PRO client is a hardware-based solution that does not require you to install any software or reboot your system. When using the IDVector PRO client you turn off your local wireless card removing the risks associated with exposing your computer to un-trusted WiFi networks. IDVector prevents SSID usage tracking and other data leakage/over-sharing issues where other solutions fall short.

No. IDVector uses patent-pending, on demand, user configurable IDVector Network Paths to provide custom levels of privacy, security, and mis-attribution.

IDVector leverages commercial cloud resources to provide you with control over your Internet footprint. IDVector Network Paths give you custom path diversity by allowing you to choose the number and location of redirection hops and the geographic area in which your data will egress the network. Paths live and die by your command. No third-party can set up a malicious IDVector Network Path "exit node" like they can with TOR. TOR can also be painfully slow; IDVector adds a minimal amount of overhead on bandwidth.

IDVector pairs industry standard crypto with proprietary IDVector Network Paths using cloud computing resources that are dynamically provisioned for your data. The only authorized connections to IDVector Network Paths are via an IDVector client; once you exit the path you are on a commodity cloud node able to access any Internet-connected system.

Simplicity: IDVector is plug-and-play.

Security: Anyone - including malicious actors - can stand up a TOR exit node. These malicious TOR nodes are known as "spoiled onions" and defeat the privacy features of TOR.

Anonymity: There have been multiple cases where TOR technology has been circumvented. Typically this circumvention is the result of poorly configured, non-router based TOR instances coupled with custom browser 0-day vulnerabilities. The IDVector PRO client ensures proper network segregation preventing accidental browser leakage and significantly raises the bar for adversaries.

Reliability: Because any given TOR exit node cannot be completely trusted, many information security services track and blacklist TOR nodes. This translates into a horrible user experience when using common services through TOR. 


Plug the IDVector PRO client into an available USB-A port on your computer.

Yes, you need access to a WiFi access point in order to use the IDVector PRO client. You can use your cellular phone service if your device and plan supports data tethering via WiFi.

IDVector uses cloud computing services on an as-needed basis. We offer nodes in: Japan, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Ireland, India and the United States. 

Yes. The user interface allows you to pre-select a region you wish to egress through. Different prices may be associated with different regions. 

No privacy or anonymity solution is without some overhead. In real-world testing users have reported no significant degradation of bandwidth; that is to say: not enough to materially impact their online activities. Network latency will be affected by total distance your path traverses. Signal strength and distance from a wireless access point all play roles in what degradation has been noticed. When compared to the throughput hit one might experience with TOR, IDVector is the far superior option.   

Secure signed over-the-air update packages for IDVector PRO clients will be pushed to the device when it is connected to the Internet. 

Mobile client update packages will occur though the app stores.

Policy and Legal

We will comply with any lawful warrant requesting information; however, IDVector was built to preclude anyone – including us – from knowing detailed information about system users if they follow anonymity best practices.

For example, we can tell when a particular IDVector client is connected to the network, but we do not know who is using that client or what data is transiting the IDVector Path. 

Additionally, you can arbitrarily zeroize your IDVector Pro client, resetting all information on that client, to further thwart efforts at tracking. 

Yes, some IDVector products use Open Source Software. See our page on the subject for more information.

Billing and Subscriptions

We offer payment options associated with each client. If you use an iOS client, your time management and subscriptions are handled by Apple's App Store. If you use a Pro Client, the Account Management tab of the Pro Client user interface allows you to begin or change a subscription.

Please visit Apple's comprehensive page on subscriptions at

The Account Management tab of the Pro Client user interface allows you to change or cancel your subscription.


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