Where to buy IDVector Mobile?

The IDVector Mobile app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Where to buy IDVector Pro?

We are proud to work with our network of global sales partners. Using partners for device sales is another way we support both the ideas and practices of security and privacy. We make IDVector client devices and maintain the IDVector Network, but we don't sell IDVector clients directly and our re-sellers are expressly forbidden to report to us are the names of their customers. 

North America

Please visit the Teel Tech web site for more information on how to buy an IDVector Pro client in the U.S. and Canada. 

U.K. | Western Europe | Scandinavia

Please visit the Saleslink Global web site to buy an IDVector Pro if you live in the U.K., continental Europe or Scandinavia

Eastern Europe | MENA | South America

We are proud to have AS Global as our partner in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the rest of the Americas.  

Asia | Pacific Rim

If you are an established cyber security product reseller interested in teaming up with IDVector, please contact sales@idvector.net.